Mans role in family

Men's Responsibilities

In a school system there will usually be one leader (the principal) who makes the major decisions for that school.  If this wasn't the case, it would be chaos because "too many cooks spoil the brew" and it is impossible to please everyone, so someone has to have the final say.  Ideally the leader will take into consideration the opinions of all those below him/her as well as his/her own opinion to make a ruling as to the best course of action for the people that s/he is responsible for.  The leader also realises that they cannot single handedly manage  all the different affairs under his/her responsibility,  so they delegate different areas such as Maths, English, Counselling and Adminstration to different people under them.  The leader will only be consulted when it is something very important that has a great affect on the people, which they must make a ruling on.  Those under the leader's authority accept the leader's decision in respect of the fact that they are in charge.


In many ways a similar system operates in the Muslim family where the man is the leader of his household.  He is ultimately responsible for important decisions that may need to be made in the family, such as where the family will live, where the children will attend school and so on.  This does not of course mean that he cannot consult with and seek the advice of his wife and children, but that if there is any disagreement as to the best course of action, he will have the final say.  It is normal that the man will delegate some of the decision making that involves the day-to-day running of the household to other members of his family.  Therefore, the husband will often leave much of the decision making with regard to choosing the food, household items and clothing, up to the wife.  The man's family accepts the decision because according to Islamic Law he has that authority over his household. 

Having this responsibility also means that the man should not abuse his position and realise that he will be answerable to Allah on the Day of Judgement as to the decisions he has made. 

In addition to the man's role as leader of the household, Allah has decreed that he is to protect and provide for the women.  Thus, men are responsible for the household income and for ensuring that no harm comes to his family.

The man is also expected to go the mosque for five times daily prayer, as well as congregational prayer on Friday.  He should involve himself in spreading the message of Islam and provide his wife and children with opportunities to educate themselves about their religion and worldly matters.  If his family goes against what Allah has prescribed it is his duty to rebuke them and kindly advise them.